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"Sculptme3D uses best state of art innovative technology and to bring the best out of everything we use digital and traditional workflow to create lifelike 3D figurines of you, your loved ones and your special memories"

Why 3D Figurines?

Present day selfie-obsession in men and women can easily be dedicated to that inherent human trait love for self! This obsession is also a representation of that relentless urge to memorize every single event of life and capture everything happening around us, day in and day out! SculptMe3D salutes this spirit and is committed to take this intrinsic human fascination further, by way of our incredibly distinct and futuristic product – 3D figurines!

Getting Ready

Getting your 3D figurine at SculptMe3D is just a matter of some steps.

  • All we want from you is either the images of you wanted to be transformed into a 3D Selfie.
  • Our technical experts, who possess vast experience in producing a 3D selfie, uses your images to craft a 3D figurine.
  • Then we wrap up your desired 3D figurine and send it to you.

Photo Processing

We design you in a 3D program from scratch for that we would be requiring multiple photographs of you. Avoid low light & low quality photos.

About Pets

We understand your love for your pets. The design process is same as photo processing.

About Accessories

Bags, backpacks, laptops etc. suits great if you would like to have them. Avoid glasses for both the process, if required we can reintroduce them in our 3D program.


Accessories comes under extra cost.

What Others Think


3D figurines are rightly seen as the next ground-breaking innovation to the existing selfie addiction. This is an outlandish way to enliven your life's occasions in an elegant fashion. Thanks to the technical advancements in print media, we can bring any of your ideas to reality, something which was a remote thought earlier. So while our services are all up to carve three-dimensional statutes for anything you want, you got an unlimited prospect to tap your creativity and to expatiate any event of your life into a 3D figurine.

Best Memoir for every event

So far, photo-albums and video CDs have been the best journals to cherish the memories of special moments and loved ones. Now here is a livelier form that helps you in retaining your life's sensational moments and craft memoirs through 3D figurines.

Whether it is your personal achievement, a best friend's wedding, the expectancy period of a mom, baby birth, kids in action or your role model, each is a chance to get crafted into a 3D memoir. Our design and development precision makes sure that you get the most neatly sculpted 3D figurines to rightly speak for the special events and people, always!


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Make Life Truly a Celebration

A whole new world of innovation, colorfulness and liveliness at SculptMe3D welcomes you to invigorate your imagination and make life truly a celebration!


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