Frequently Asked Questions

Will my 3D selfie data be saved?

Absolutely, we store your data and keep it 100% safe and secure. In case you need an extra print. Your data will be deleted on inquiry.

What material are the figurines made?

The figurines are made of full color sandstone or high quality plastic which will be painted by the artists. (the material depends on the choice made)

How strong is my figurine?

The figurines are strong enough to sustain an impact, but few times we have noticed single line crack and however thin parts of the structure, like figures or ears can break if they fall. Just think of a sculpture or an painting that you want to treat carefully. However, the surface has treated with a special coating to make the figurine healthy for long time.

How long does my figurine take to get finished and ready for shipment?

Usually the process takes about 2-4 weeks, in case of high demand it may go up to 3 to 7 weeks. We are working hard on our in house developments to make the production fast.

Can i order reprints of my figurines?

Absolutely. We have your digital data archived.


  • Figurines once ordered cannot be canceled.
  • Figurines are non returnable or exchanged.
  • The figurines are best viewed at least from 5 feet distance.
  • Photo processing can be only from 60 to 95% of the details.
  • The design cannot be changed once confirmed.
  • The given time is subjective to working days and can be extended due to certain circumstances
  • 100% advance payment compulsory for confirming the order.
  • Sizes are calculated from tip of head to bottom of the base.